An afternoon at my brother’s woodworking shop

We have a small shop space on our property, and when we moved in last year it seemed like a no-brainer for my brother to set up his woodworking studio there. Ultimately, he’s going to need a bigger space–probably soon–but for now it’s great to have him around and to get to peek in on his work from time to time.

Earlier this week I hung around while my brother sharpened a new hand plane (his twenty-ninth hand plane! And each one with a specific purpose), and I took these shots of some of the beautiful tools and objects in his shop. (The last photo is an old one that I still love, from when he first built that beautiful workbench.)

There’s nothing like the right tool for the job.








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  1. Is that right?
    Thank you for those photos. It makes me feel very close to both of you, as though I was there while you were working & photographing. Beautiful pictures and beautiful bench.

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