Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, working, when Ben called me outside to check out the woods behind our house. “I love coming into the woods on a windy day,” he told me.

Ben loves the woods, period. We have 10 1/2 acres here, and most of it is wooded. Ben spends hours making trails, clearing fallen wood, and exploring. When I came back from a recent work trip, he had been repairing cracks in the concrete pad in our driveway all week. I asked him how he felt about everything he’d accomplished. His response? “I miss the woods.”

So we ducked into the woods on a perfect Fall morning with clear skies, crisp air, and a substantial breeze, and it was immediately obvious why Ben called me to join him. Imagine 150-foot fir trees, swaying wildly in the wind–can’t imagine it? No worries, I got video:


And for a sense of scale, here’s a photo of me and Ben on our wedding day, just a couple months ago:

Next week on the blog I’ve got something really exciting planned. If you follow me on Instagram (@sidonie_s), you might already have an inkling of where this is headed. If not: watch this space!

November 7, 2014


Whoa, I knew you lived near woods, but I don’t think I fully realized that they’re YOUR woods. You own 10.5 acres of 150-foot fir trees? That is amazing.

We do! It still sort of surprises me that we do. The best part is that the neighboring properties on two sides are also wooded, so our parcel feels like much deeper woods than it really is. We’re going to have to build a really sweet treehouse one of these days.

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