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Plum Crazy, Pt. 2: Pflaumkuchen


Cakes. After thirty or forty jars of jam and sauce, it was super fun to do some baking. These simple German-style plum cakes don’t use up a lot of plums but they’re easy to make and they do freeze well (or so I’ve read–this is my first time making them!), so I ended up making […]

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Puff Pastry, Part Two: Sweet


On Monday I divulged my big news: that I made puff pastry from scratch and it was (a) not impossible and (b) amazing. So I already told you about the onion tart I made last Thursday, which was a pretty good hit at the farmer potluck. But that came from a recipe. So now I’m […]

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Puff Pastry, Part One: Savory


Well. July was a busy month! Good weather finally struck the Olympic Peninsula. I started a new business with all the learning curves and paperwork that goes along with it (totally unrelated to crafts/kitchens/blogs, so I’ll spare you the details here) and I was out of town about half the month (working in California, then […]

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The Best Pizza Yet

We make pizza a lot around here. But last night I think we made our best pizza yet. We used the same dough as always (details here), and many of the same toppings — usually I made a garlicky tomato sauce with sage, and we top it with whole milk mozzarella, salami and mushrooms. This […]

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Snack of the Month: Garlic Knots

Last fall, we made a ton of pumpkin puree, and after two or three pies we started wondering what we were going to do with it all. Enter: pumpkin garlic knots (recipe here). Easy, delicious, perfect thing to bring to a potluck (and just about everywhere I went last fall). Fast forward to last weekend, […]

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No-Knead Bread: Head to Head

First, a confession: I am no longer the HBIC (that’s Head Baker In Charge, obviously) in our household. Last year I taught my partner how to make super easy NYT no-knead bread, and over the winter we had several bake-offs, where his loaves rose better, developed a better crust, and won handily. This was actually […]

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Apple Windfall

It’s been three years since the last time life thrust a big bag of free apples into my hands. That was back when I was living in Poland–I made them into applesauce and cider, and blogged about it over on Making Places. So this week, when my partner brought home several bags of cortland apples […]

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Sourdough French Bread, Again and Again

For months I’ve been baking baguettes, with a slightly different result almost every time. I’ve tried three or four recipes–sometimes with sourdough, sometimes just yeast; sometimes an egg wash, sometimes an oil or butter wash, sometimes a weirdly awesome congealed cornstarch wash. Sometimes my loaves come out with a nice crispy crust, and then sometimes […]

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