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The Woods in Wind


Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, working, when Ben called me outside to check out the woods behind our house. “I love coming into the woods on a windy day,” he told me. Ben loves the woods, period. We have 10 1/2 acres here, and most of it is wooded. Ben spends hours making trails, clearing […]

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Summer Fun


One year ago this month, we became homeowners. This time last year, I was frantically painting the fireplace (lots of terrible, grainy photos here). I’ve had requests to post more about the great outdoors around the house. It’s hard to overstate how much it’s changed in one year. Last July, the bulk of the yard […]

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Brush Masters

If the kitchen is my first pet project at the new house, the yard is Ben’s. By the time we got the keys to the house, it was mid-July, and the weeds in the yard (and especially in the paddock area) were about to go to seed. If we let them go to seed, we […]

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What is Modern Weft?

Modern Weft is a collection of moments, projects and inspiration.
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