Weekend Recap, Part Two: Fresh Fish

On Monday I told you about my brother’s visit and our Saturday taco feast. Needless to say, we all fell into sweet food-comas not too long after that meal. Sunday, then, we were up early and a great breakfast came together in a snap.

I’ve mentioned before, too, that I live on a lake, which is a real treat in the summertime. As I write this, the beach is filled with families and the shouts of marco polo come drifting across the road. I grew up near this lake, too, and I learned to fish here. I remember catching (and throwing back) a couple of bullheads, but not much more. So when my brother suggested that he would wake up early and see about catching some pan fish, I was just a little bit skeptical.

At about seven, I woke up and went outside to check on his progress. Sure enough, he was down by the shore with three bluegills on his line. He fished and we chatted for another half-hour or so, while across the street our partners set to work on coffee, bacon and fried swiss chard.

fresh fish

After the obvious scaling and cleaning, we fried up the fish, too, and had ourselves a pretty incredible breakfast. I felt particularly lucky, having contributed little but conversation to the whole event. What can I say? I have a great family. Thanks, guys!

breakfast: bacon, fish and swiss chard


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