Travel Photo Friday (And a Contest Winner!)


First off: We have a winner! picked lucky number 24, so congratulations to commenter Liz on winning the Menu Bottle Grinders pictured above. Thanks to everyone who took the time to click over here and participate. I hope you’ll stick around for more beautiful objects, fun projects, and who-knows-what-else to come.

Second, my wanderlust has been ramping up lately and I’ve been daydreaming of adventures, past and future. In that spirit, I’d like to re-introduce a feature from my old collaborative blog, Making Places. My co-blogger Mallory and I used to post travel photos once a week, and it was such a nice way to take a look back through old photos that otherwise stay tucked away in a (digital or analog) photo album.

So I’ll kick it off today with a few shots from Tangiers, Morocco, February 2012.



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    1. I was off to North Carolina last week and, upon returning to Louisiana, was very happy to find a package containing lovely salt and pepper grinders. Thanks again Sidonie for your generosity in spreading the Skandicrush cheer..
      Re Morroco: What an amazing trip that must have been! I particularly like the lower left photo. I can’t say I have ever been anywhere near Morocco, but this does remind me of a day spent with my mom last year – making preserved lemons from her Meyer lemon tree and watching Casablanca, a movie we both had somehow managed never to see…

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