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Travel Photo Friday: West Texas Edition


I hope those of you in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Those of you not in the States, take this moment to sit back and reflect on what you missed: namely, pumpkin pie, and lots of it. This week, a few snaps from Marfa, Texas and beautiful Highway 10, back in January 2011.

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Travel Photo Friday (And a Contest Winner!)


First off: We have a winner! picked lucky number 24, so congratulations to commenter Liz on winning the Menu Bottle Grinders pictured above. Thanks to everyone who took the time to click over here and participate. I hope you’ll stick around for more beautiful objects, fun projects, and who-knows-what-else to come. Second, my wanderlust […]

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On Cleveland

I don’t know what I expected from Cleveland, exactly. I guess I thought the downtown would feel empty, deserted; or that buildings would look run-down or tired. Maybe that the infrastructure would be in decline (and maybe that last guess wasn’t too far off–the pavement could definitely use some work). But for the most part I was […]

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Fresh Kitchen, Fresh Food


We just returned home from seven weeks of traveling, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be home. We spent three weeks running across the country on Amtrak, visiting relatives and friends, followed by four weeks in India, for the wedding of a college friend of mine and a yoga retreat. It […]

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Mini Road Trip: Boise, Idaho


Since it had been a whopping almost two months since my last road trip ended, last weekend seemed like the right time to get out of town. My brother, my partner and I drove just over eleven hours to the booming metropolis of Boise, Idaho. Actually, after two months in rural northwestern Washington, Boise did […]

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Desert Driving, Part I: Texas


After we left New Orleans–two weeks ago already!–we headed into Texas. I had never been to Texas, and I’m ready to admit that I underestimated that massive place. We powered through a serious rainstorm in Houston, which has so far been our only bad weather on this trip (not counting an ice storm in Cincinnati, […]

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Farm Cats and Fire Ants


It’s been another busy few weeks around here, and we’re back on the road! Last week we left Washington, D.C., where we’d been staying over the holidays, and booked it to Cincinnati to visit one of my dearest friends. We spent a lovely day at her family’s farm in Kentucky, where they raise race horses, […]

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Tying Loose Ends

This has been an exciting couple of weeks for me, as indicated by my utter lack of blog posts. After Thanksgiving, we finished sorting, selling and donating well over half of our furniture, kitchen supplies, books, clothes, and odds and ends. We packed everything else up in our little sedan and mapped out a route […]

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