Scope Creep

On the Sunday evening in May when you first come to look at the house, you’ll tell yourself about what great shape it’s in. It’s got so MUCH potential–small changes could make a big difference in this space!–but nothing is urgent; it’s move-in ready as is. Come July, after six weeks of daydreaming, it’s finally […]

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Farewell to City Life


I’m having a great time with our new house, and hopefully you’re enjoying following along, but I’ve been a (small) city dweller most of my life, and I just wanted to take a second to express how great it was to live in downtown Port Townsend. Ok ok, Port Townsend is a “city” with a […]

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Settling In

Most of our stuff is still in boxes, and the kitchen floor isn’t done, and the garage is choc-a-bloc with painting projects, but there’s one room of the house that makes me sigh with happiness when I see it, and that’s the living room. Mostly, it’s the big black fireplace that makes me smile every […]

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More Kitchen Progress

Progress on the kitchen marches forward! For old times’ sake, let’s take a quick look at where we started: Mmmmhmmm. And… After Currently: The cabinet frames are painted, and we’ve got a floor! And with the masking paper gone and the orange countertops revealed, the room looks really different. We love it. Also, I found […]

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We’re In!

This morning we woke up in our new house for the first time. As usual, we got up and went to turn on the radio–except the radio is packed in a box somewhere. Perfect. Next up, coffee. Well, you’ve seen the state of the kitchen–there’s resin paper over all the sink and cabinets, plus we […]

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Paint It Black

Last week, I quickly walked through my plan for the kitchen, and one of my top priorities was that giant-sized brick fireplace. Remember what it looked like? Yeahhh. Painting this beast seemed like a totally do-able task. I planned on one day for cleaning and priming, and a day or so for actually painting–easy peasy […]

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Brush Masters

If the kitchen is my first pet project at the new house, the yard is Ben’s. By the time we got the keys to the house, it was mid-July, and the weeds in the yard (and especially in the paddock area) were about to go to seed. If we let them go to seed, we […]

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The Kitchen Project

Last time, I mentioned some “light renovation” we’re hoping to tackle before move-in. We’re getting started in the kitchen. We’re jumping right in, in real life. So I’m just going to jump right in right here. Let me introduce you to the kitchen, as we first saw it: Not too bad, right? Amazing blaze orange […]

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10 Acres of Big News


Anyone reading this probably already knows the big news, but I’m going to say it anyway, because I still can’t believe it: We bought a house. We bought a house on 10.5 acres of land. There’s probably seven or eight acres of woods, plus a huge fenced-in yard with a paddock for animals (goats in […]

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Hand-Woven Rug


A few weeks ago I finished the rep-weave rug I was weaving. It turned out so rad and I’m so happy with it. I also lucked out with this project because just as I was finishing up and ready to hem, I got my sewing machine repaired (I wrought havoc on the tension last year, […]

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