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Giveaway! Danish-designed Salt & Pepper Grinders


Those of you who follow me on instagram (ahhem, @sidonie_s) may have seen me post last week with great excitement at the arrival of my first Skandicrush subscription box. For those that haven’t already heard, Skandicrush is a new subscription service that brings Scandinavian-designed (and/or Scandinavian-inspired) housewares to your door once a month. I had […]

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Fresh Kitchen, Fresh Food


We just returned home from seven weeks of traveling, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be home. We spent three weeks running across the country on Amtrak, visiting relatives and friends, followed by four weeks in India, for the wedding of a college friend of mine and a yoga retreat. It […]

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Good Luck


Something very exciting happened over the weekend. For a year I’d been complaining about the dearth of great finds on Craigslist out here on the coast: bemoaning the over-priced used Ikea furniture and the difficulty of picking up good finds, when they did appear, because we chose to live two hours away from major cities; […]

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Weekend Update

This weekend was the best one we’ve spent in the new house so far. We managed to get a lot done while still having lots of time to lounge and actually enjoy the space. We only went to the hardware store once (I love the hardware store, but it’s getting to where the employees all […]

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Slow and Steady

If the Tortoise and the Hare is accurate, and if renovating a kitchen is a race, then I have a shot at winning said race. Especially if the emphasis is on the word “slow.” There’s progress to be seen, though, and that’s really exciting. We still haven’t painted the cabinet doors, but we’re no longer […]

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Scope Creep

On the Sunday evening in May when you first come to look at the house, you’ll tell yourself about what great shape it’s in. It’s got so MUCH potential–small changes could make a big difference in this space!–but nothing is urgent; it’s move-in ready as is. Come July, after six weeks of daydreaming, it’s finally […]

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More Kitchen Progress

Progress on the kitchen marches forward! For old times’ sake, let’s take a quick look at where we started: Mmmmhmmm. And… After Currently: The cabinet frames are painted, and we’ve got a floor! And with the masking paper gone and the orange countertops revealed, the room looks really different. We love it. Also, I found […]

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We’re In!

This morning we woke up in our new house for the first time. As usual, we got up and went to turn on the radio–except the radio is packed in a box somewhere. Perfect. Next up, coffee. Well, you’ve seen the state of the kitchen–there’s resin paper over all the sink and cabinets, plus we […]

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Paint It Black

Last week, I quickly walked through my plan for the kitchen, and one of my top priorities was that giant-sized brick fireplace. Remember what it looked like? Yeahhh. Painting this beast seemed like a totally do-able task. I planned on one day for cleaning and priming, and a day or so for actually painting–easy peasy […]

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The Kitchen Project

Last time, I mentioned some “light renovation” we’re hoping to tackle before move-in. We’re getting started in the kitchen. We’re jumping right in, in real life. So I’m just going to jump right in right here. Let me introduce you to the kitchen, as we first saw it: Not too bad, right? Amazing blaze orange […]

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